Thanks for visiting! Obviously, this site is not ready yet but I'm glad you checked it anyway!

Currently, I'm working on its formating (ugh headers are a mess), as well as putting something in those pages on the side. Theming is hard! I dunno if I want geocities 90s, digitech-bubbly 00s, or flash-skeumorphic 10s. It'll probably be none of these things but I wont know till I try!

The content you can expect here is writing on games, anime, old tech, hautological aesthetics, and other boring shit you can read elsewhere, but it'll come from me, so that means it's more special! Whenever my adhd self will get around to it, I'll also host whatever music and art I end up making here as well.

Anyways thanks for reading this, if you'd like to contact me, my discord is patch#0959

My love to you

Just so you don't get stuck at my empty lot of a site, here's a few lovelies that you should check out in the meantime!